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Black Tourmaline/Master Quartz

Color—Clear w/Black Tourmaline inclusions

Correlations—All Chakras & Subtle Bodies

Indications—restricted energy flow in certain parts of the body; high levels of energetic toxins in the chakras; unable to integrate spiritual energy with existing survival programming.

Healing Qualities—works at the deepest level of the physical body to improve grounding, circulation and strength; balances the relationship between the 1st and 7th chakras; helps us exchange toxic energy held in the chakras for restorative energy; stimulates the release of old habits and patterns in an organized way.

The essence of Black Tourmaline/Master Quartz moves into the energy field in a powerful way, releasing blockages that are constricting energy flow and grounding. It works with all of the chakras and subtle bodies, and specifically with the vertical flow of energy between the bottoms of the feet and the top of the  head.

This essence specializes in integrating opposite or 'far apart' energies. It is a great essence to balance the relationship between the 1st and 7th chakras as it helps us to let go of any non-serving energy that resides in between these two energy centers.

This masterful stone can help us towards the attainment of mastery at both ends of our energetic spectrum. It is also a very powerful tool for Space Clearing and Clutter Clearing, as it is able to move the most stubborn patterns along.