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immobilized by fears of the unknown; inability to take risks in order to grow or heal; always questioning why things are the way they are; difficulty accepting support or assistance from others because of a lack of trust in them, or in oneself.

Healing Qualities—Any true experience of transformation requires us to transcend our known reality and venture into previously unexplored regions of ourselves. Our ability to move into and occupy these new inner spaces can often be blocked by our fears of the unknown which are held deep within our hearts.

The essence of Bog Rose­mary strengthens the virtue of trust. It extends its energy to our hearts in a way that enables us to feel divine sup­port while being present with our deepest fears. When we bring the light of aware­ness to a place where fear is held, it is released. Each time we are able to con­front and embrace a new part of our­selves in this way, we allow a deeper penetration of the light. This action builds more trust- in ourselves, and in the light.

The Bog Rosemary essence also addresses the habit of getting caught up in the outer manifestations of our healing processes. We live on the physical plane. Therefore, most of our life lessons will be learned with other people through situations we create together. The challenge is to not become entangled in these outside involvements to the degree that we forget their real purpose, which is to bring attention to a part of our inner self that is calling out to be healed.

At the deepest level, Bog Rosemary asks us to place unlimited trust in the inner processes with which we are involved. In this way, we allow divine healing support to move into all areas of our lives, and through all the people and situations we encounter.


Accommodate, Belief, Death & Dying, Fear, Guidance, Intuit, Opening, Resistance, Strengthening, Support, Transcend, Trust