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Fairy Slipper

Calypso bulbosa

This orchid features one uniquely shaped light pink and magenta colored flower on each stem. The bloom consists of 3 pointed sepals, 2 pointed petals and a large lower petal which has distinctive yellow markings. There is one basal leaf that dies after the plant blooms and is replaced before the growing season is over.

The genus name is from Calypso, the sea-nymph daughter of Atlas. It means concealment, and refers to this attractive flower's habit of hiding amongst mosses and other plant growth in the deep shade of dense spruce forests.

Fairy Slipper flowers from mid-May to mid-June in moist, mossy woods in Southeastern, South-central, and the Interior of Alaska.

Indications—weak vertical alignment; not wanting to stand out and be noticed; spiritual potential and wisdom not activated in the physical body.

Healing Qualities—support for standing in our power and beauty, and for projecting our unique individuality in a clear way; helps us manifest our spiritual wisdom through our physical bodies; strengthens the male principle in men and women; promotes clear communication through alignment with Earth and spirit.