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Lavender Yarrow

Achillea borealis

Lavender Yarrow grows 12 to 24 inches high from a slender, freely branching rhizome, or underground stem. The plant is topped by an umbrella shaped cluster of small lavender or light pink aromatic flowers that bloom from mid-July to mid-August. The leaves have a ferny appearance.

This color of Yarrow occurs sporadically throughout the normal range of the Achillea borealis species, which usually produces white flowers. The color change is often attributed to the presence of certain minerals in the soil.

Indications—integrity of the aura compromised by imbalances or damage in the higher chakras and subtle bodies.

Healing Qualities—gives strength and protection to the higher chakras; heals the depletion that results from a chaotic influx of energy through the crown chakra; balances the flow of spiritual energy into the heart.