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842 E. Washington Street Suite B San Diego, CA 92103

Chinese medicine recognizes that ongoing stress, exposure to toxins, as well as emotional and psychological traumas can have lasting impacts on human body/mind/spirit.

Of all the Chinese medicine meridian systems, the Divergent Meridians address the means by which energy and information from superficial layers of the body are carried deep within. Our body in its wisdom prioritizes daily survival, and so forms holding patterns to maintain homeostasis.  Understanding the function of these channels helps us understand how we store toxic substances and trauma, how this impacts our function both physically and behaviorally in terms of the energies used to maintain homeostasis, and the long term impact of all this on a human being’s life.

Knowing this, we can choose to maintain ‘latency’, or begin the process of releasing blockages to healing and full wellness.  

Acupuncture, herbs and Chinese breath and exercise healing practices, called Qi Gong, can help us release deeply held trauma and toxin.

 Groups sessions are scheduled monthly.

Private sessions are scheduled by request. Qi gong is often included in treatment sessions and treatment plans.