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Acupuncture and Chinese herbs are the first line of treatment for asthma in China. Acupuncture relaxes the spasmed bronchial airways so that the patient can breathe immediately. Assertive treatment over the first few weeks of care greatly reduces the incidence of attacks as the body is strengthened and desensitized to triggers.

The net effect of Chinese medicine is to reduce asthma sufferers' need to rely on the many medications prescribed to prevent and treat asthma. These medicines (or combinations of medicines) can have many troublesome and even dangerous side effects, including making patients increasingly dependent on ever-larger doses. Preventing asthma attacks is the key to living a normal life in spite of having asthma. In practical, day-to-day, quality-of-life terms, stopping asthma attacks before they start is better than taking medicines to stop the attack and restore pre-attack normality.


Acupuncturist have the knowledge to provide a highly supportive program of "clinical ecology" to teach patients how to identify and avoid the particular environmental factors or irritants that cause their asthma attacks. We can help you pinpoint which causes trigger your attacks and how to keep those causes out of your life as well as tone your respiratory system so that asthma does not prevent you from living the life you wish to lead.